Moonblood will be moving

My apologies to all readers. WordPress instigated (and I use the word deliberately) a new interface for posting, among other things, a few months back. Despite some very well-reasoned arguments as to why the changes are highly impractical for anyone posting actual content, as opposed to micro-posts via phone or re-blogging, the option to use the old interface has now disappeared.

This new interface is very badly designed and functions poorly and clumsily on an actual computer. I’m typing this on my netbook, which is what I typically use for writing and therefore for putting up new posts. I am having to type this in a text editor in order to copy and paste it, because the text box, of all things, is miniscule and refuses to scroll so I can see more than the first 6 short lines. For chapters of 1500 to 2500 words, this is simply impossible to work with. (Once pasted, it’s scrolling to a limited degree, but I still can’t see the final lines. Seriously, WTF?)

(ETA: looks like it’s possible to reach the old interface if I use my browser history to go to the old “New Post” URL, and can reach it to edit posts via the “All Posts” list, but that’s awkward – and the fact it’s no longer possible to switch from within the new post screen to the old version suggests that even that will son vanish.)

I’m extremely unhappy about it, since I’ve been rather pleased that a number of readers have tripped over this story here, but there is no way that I am willing to live with this. It isn’t only impossible to use, but it suggests that WP is moving in a direction that is completely incompatible with blogs that post substantial amounts of content. Honestly, I’m reaching a point personally of cringing every time any service or software mentions “improvements” because, while I have no objection to advancing technology, I’m seeing an increasing trend in taking what isn’t broken and “improving” it into unusability, generally while claiming to be listening to users even though the users are typically vehemently against the whole thing.

I’m going to do a bit of research on other options, although my last look around didn’t fill me with much optimism. Quite possibly I’l be moving this to a self-hosted blog on my main writing website. Whether I’ll be using WP or something else, like b2evolution, remains to be seen. I’ll post here once I make a decision and start work on moving.

I hope you’re enjoying this enough to be willing to follow. I’m going to be very sorry about every reader I lose over this. But this just isn’t worth the headache. I’m writing and sharing this one for fun, and it’s no fun anymore if the interface makes me want to bang my head on the keyboard every time.


About Steph Shangraw

More often known as prysma-kitty, prysmcat, or variations thereof, than by my "real" name of Steph Shangraw. I'm a crazy cat lady, indie fantasy writer, and admin of, in no particular order. When not writing, I'm generally maintaining a lolanimals website for my friends, serving my three feline overlords Trick-or-Treat and Cory-Bear and Freya, making cat toys for friends all over the world, and occasionally eating and sleeping. Anything writing-related, can be found via my author site. Since I tend not to say something simply for the sake of saying something, my blog about writing and my cats-and-life one are updated only irregularly. An ongoing series of major household disruptions beginning in mid-2015 has caused some serious delays in everything, including novel releases and writing, but I'm trying to get everything back into motion!

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